What size screws for MadCatz TE?

We sometimes get questions about which screws are used for the popular MadCatz TE joystick.  I began to look for answers on the Shoryuken.com forums and came across some answers:

M4x12mm screws with 2.5mm hex key

Top Panel

M4 x 12mm pan head (Hex)

We offer these at our store, but the screw head uses a 2.5mm hex key instead of MadCatz's 3mm size.


Bottom Panel

2.5mm x 12mm flat head (Phillips)

This information was provided by Typoon01 on Shoryuken.com.        machine-screw-phillips-flat.gif


xra389336.jpgInternal Panel (Turbo Panel/Quick Disconnect Terminal strip and PCB screws)

2.5mm x 12mm pan head (Phillips)

This information was suggested by Typoon01 on Shoryuken.com.


If you know of any additional replacement joystick screws, leave a comment below!


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