Could the Hayabusa fit into the Hori VX (360)

Q: I would like to put a Hori Hayabusa joystick in a Hori Fighting stick VX(not the RAP). Is this possible? What stick do you recommend if not?

A: The VX MIGHT accommodate the Hayabusa based on the fact the VX will accommodate a JLF. See some of the pictures I have located. In the pic titled "VXcase" you will see Hori provided mounting plate holes. These holes line up with the JLF and Hayabusa plates. You can go to for additional info about the V3. Once you remove the daughterboard from the buttons you will have more room. You will need to desolder the buttons in order to remove the board and the buttons. You will also need to solder the 5 pin cable (sold separately) to either the PCB or wire to wire on the existing wiring.


If anyone finds this not to work please provide notification to for additional testing and review.


-Joey W

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