Warped Top Plate or Art

I have a Madcatz Fightstick TE (I think). It's one of the first ones that came out, it's not the smaller fight stick, it's the larger one that came with Sanwa parts. Says "Arcade Fightstick Tournament Edition" under the home button/turbo settings, has the brush-style filterish looking art of ken and ryu in black and white on the front. Old xbox style coloring on the xyab buttons and gray for the rest. I'm sure you know which board it is. So -- It got left in a car during a hot california day and the acrylic on the front warped. Now playing on it is kind of a pain just cause it's all lumpy. I think I can fix it by just replacing the acrylic piece, right? Which one would I need to order from your site? And do I only need an allen wrench to get to it? If you could just tell tell me everything I need to order to fix this, that'd be awesome. thanks! 

I attached an image of what I believe you have.te-s.jpg

To remove the panel, you will need a 3mm allen wrench. Once you have the top panel open OPEN IT ONLY HALFWAY. There are wires connecting to the PCB and wire board. Mark all of your connections (see example attached) with marker or pencil or take a picture so you know which colored wire goes to which button. Once you have removed each of the quick disconnects and wire harness from the joystick and buttons, carefully squeeze the 2 tabs on each side of the buttons and push up. You may need a small flathead screwdriver for assistance.2013-04-04_13.20.21.jpg

To remove the joystick, use a large flathead to hold the shaft in place from the bottom and while holding, twist the balltop off. Once the balltop is off proceed with unscrewing, with a phillips head, the 4 large mounting plate screws (in same picture). The joystick should now slide out with the mounting plate attached. To remove the warped art you will need an oven mitt and a blow dryer. Carefully apply heat while using the oven mitt to avoid burning yourself to the underside of the top plate. This will cause the adhesive that holds the art to become fluid and you can then remove it. Once off, use some adhesive remover to clean off the remaining sticky mess.

bentplate.jpg(special thanks to SRK FreedomGundam for image)
This next step is the tough part. I only mean tough because you will be making a harsh discovery or having a sigh of relief. Take a ruler or lever and see if the panel is warped (see the example bentplate example. If your plate is bent, we would refer you to getting a replacement TE plate. One place I can recommend is AMP Up Customs https://www.facebook.com/AMPUpCustoms/info . If your Plate is straight then great news! All you need is a replacement plexi. I would recommend the 1/8 thickness: http://www.focusattack.com/custom-etch-and-cut-madcatz-te-full-art-cover-top-panel/ . You can place your custom between the plexi and clean metal plate.


Please let me know if you have additional questions about this or any other mod.

Happy Modding!
-Joey W

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