How to modify a Qanba Q1 Fightstick with Hori Hayabusa and Silent Sanwa pushbuttons

The Qanba Q1 is a fan-favorite for its portability and economical price.  It's a great starter joystick for many, but with the right knowledge, holds potential for expandability.   The Q1 is a moddable joystick, as you will see from YouTube's Reckless Yuki as he installs a Hori Hayabusa Fightstick and Sanwa OBSFS pushbuttons into the casing.  There is a bit of work needed to make everything fit, but it is possible.  Thanks to Reckless Yuki for sharing!


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    Rick Batista

    Thats amazing. I bought my qanba q1 and slowly upgraded the parts trying to make my own hayabusa stick. All i need is the joystick but did not think it would fit. Now i think i will finish my conversion ;) Thanks to this video.

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    Joey Wainwright

    Great vid. One thing i would suggest to make the hayabusa fit over the K1 button better would be to unscrew the pcb as I show in this pic.  unscrewhaypcb.jpg

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