How do you install a Seimitsu shaft on a LS-33, LS-40, LS-40-01, LS-55, LS-55-01, LS-56, LS-56-01, and LS-58-01 joystick?


We anticipate that this question will come up as we introduce solid and translucent shaft and dustwashers for several of Seimitsu's popular joysticks, such as the LS-40, LS-55, LS-56, and LS-58-01.  Installing a shaft onto the LS-series joystick isn't as straightforward as a Sanwa JLF.  So how do you install it?

When Seimitsu started offering solid and translucent color shaft and dustwasher sets, there weren't plans to make installing one as simple as the Sanwa JLF series.  Nevertheless, this turn of events is great news to those who want to customize their Seimitsu joysticks.  The color shafts are compatible with a wide range of Seimitsu joysticks, including: 

  • LS-33
  • LS-40
  • LS-40-01
  • LS-55
  • LS-55-01
  • LS-56
  • LS-56-01
  • LS-58-01

Note that "-01" represents the 5-pin PCB type.  This joystick is often used in most arcade-style fightsticks.  Joystick models without "-01" are "fasten-type".  These joysticks are used in arcade cabinets, connected to a .187" quick disconnect.

Steps to install (LS-40, LS-40-01) 

 Here is an overview of the individual parts used in the Seimitsu LS-40-01 joystick.


In order:

  1. LS-40 sub guide
  2. LS-40 main guide
  3. Control PCB (board not present in fasten type, but microswitches are)
  4. Joystick body shown with flat mounting plate and white pivot cylinder.  The pivot cylinder sits top joystick grease.
  5. LS-40 spring and spring washer
  6. LS-40 control actuator
  7. E-clip
  8. Shaft
  9. Default black shaft cover (the item you will replace)

Note: Before starting, remove the default balltop by unscrewing it from the shaft.  

Step 1: Remove the e-clip (#7) by wedging a small flat-head screwdriver into the tiny space between the shaft (#8) and e-clip.  Take care not to lose the e-clip.

I used a 1.8mm flat-head screwdriver, but anything that can fit into the small spaces left by the e-clip's shape should work. Wedge the screwdriver into the e-clip space and nudge until you can free it.  Watch out when the e-clip comes off, however, as it holds the actuator and spring; it may fly off due to the pressure.  E-clips are small, but critical in re-assembling the joystick.  Don't lose it!



Step 2: Remove the control actuator



Step 3: Lift the spring and washer from the joystick body to expose the shaft.



 Step 4: With the joystick body flipped over, pull the joystick shaft (#8) upwards.



Step 5: Pull the shaft cover (#9) DOWN to free it from the shaft.



Step 5:  Prepare to insert replacement shaft cover onto shaft.

The shaft cover is thinner at the top, and thicker at bottom.  This prevents you from installing the shaft cover backwards.



Step 7: Insert the replacement shaft cover from the bottom of the shaft to the top.

Unlike a JLF shaft cover, you can't insert the shaft cover from top to bottom.  Starting with the thinnest end, insert and push the cover up on the shaft.



Step 8: Insert shaft back into joystick body, then re-attach washer and spring (#5), actuator (#6) and e-clip (#7)

Shown here, I used a needle nose plier and squeezed the e-clip back onto the shaft.  This part is a bit tricky.  Notice that my finger is on the actuator.  It is pushing down so that the spring inside of the actuator is compressed, which allows me to put the e-clip back on.


Finished: Install matching dustwasher and balltop



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    Chuckie PK

    Thanks! I just received my ls40s and couldn't figure out why the shaft cover wouldn't slide off lol

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