Video Tutorials on How to Use an Arcade Stick

ku-medium.jpgHere are a few basic video tutorials that give some tips on how to use an arcade stick. This includes info on how to grip a joystick, differences between a pad and a stick, button "drumming", and more. 


Heres a pretty decent guide on learning the basics of using a fightstick(~9 minutes):

"Fight Stick Basics 101"  video by youtube username:  "jumblejunkie"


Another tutorial on fightstick basics(~8 minutes): 

"Learning to use an arcade stick 101"  videos by youtube username:   "duffath"


A guide on various holding positions for a balltop joystick(~6 minutes):

"Ultimate Japanese Balltop Joystick Holding Guide"  video by youtube username:  "CantoV"


A comparison and opinions on using fightstick vs pad(~9 minutes): 

"Pad VS Stick for Fighting Games"  video by youtube username:   "Avoiding The Puddle"


A humorous tongue-in-cheek introduction to the fighting game community(~8 minutes): 

"Fighterpedia 10 - The Arcade Stick: A Gentleman's Guide"  video by youtube username:   "Machinima"



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