What works with the Hori Hayabusa?

There are several articles in SRK and on support.focusattack.com  that talk about the Hayabusa, but to provide a more living document as new discoveries and products come to fruition, the need to keep up with how they all interact with the Hayabusa is something we should document. If you have any of your own discoveries, please share on this article in order to make it a quick reference to those integrating the Hayabusa in their sticks/cabinets.

Q. Can I use the Extended JLF shaft?

A. Yes, use a little Shin-etsu lube on the spring base plate as its a little tight of a fit but it works fine.21875710_1499082460207262_540254428_o.jpg


Q. Does the Hayabusa fit in the Madcatz TE-S+?

A. Not as a direct swap. It seems the control panel PCB blocks the Hayabusa mount. Further, the body of the Hayabusa is blocked by the PCB. The PCB would need to be moved, the mount would have to be swapped with a JLF mount and the plastic colum to the left of the stick would need to be removed as well as tighter cable management. It is not recomended to endevor this mod unless you are willing to accept potential damages to your TE-S. 

Q. Does the Hayabusa fit in the TE2 without modification?

A. Yes! Here's a picture of the installation:

Here it is closed with the new Phreakmods JLF Link



Q. Do Seimitsu and Sanwa balltops fit on the Hayabusa?

A. Yes! The Hayabusa shaft is nearly IDENTICAL to the JLF shaft including its thread.

Q. Can you put a JLF gate on the Hayabusa? 

A. We would recommend you try the the Kowal 2016 Octopus Gate for Hayabusa instead, unless you are prepared to drill in some extra holes on the gate and the Hayabusa.

Q. Does the Gamerfinger Optical PCB fit on the Hayabusa?

A. No unless you break out the Dremmel (not advised) to craft the custom shape and thickness of the body's posts. See pictures.


JLF vs Hayabusa (notice the difference between the jlf and Hayabusa diagonal and straight pcb posts)


Q. Can I use the Kowal 1mm oversized actuator on the Hayabusa?

A. In combination with the Kowal Octopus Gate, yes. Otherwise, you cannot use the oversized actuator in combination with the stock bottom plate. You will need to do the previously mentioned mod with the jlf gate which puts the gate closer to the microswitches.

Q. Can I remove my Optical/Silent Hayabusa HRAP V and replace it with a standard Hayabusa or 5-pin lever?

A. You can put in the Hayabusa we carry but KEEP YOUR JOYSTICK HARNESS (sorry for caps). What you'll do is with some electric tape or shrink tubing, cut the harness and splice https://www.focusattack.com/5-pin-wiring-harness/ to it. (Leave slack on the original cable for mistakes). Tape each individual tiny wire then you can bundle if you like. This will prevent bad inputs. Look at the main board as it on it does label which pin/wire is which for the harness and find which wire goes to vcc 5v. That one does NOT get used.

Q. How do I install the Cherry D44X 75g .187" Microswitch into my Hori Hayabusa Joystick? 

A. Yes, but you have a do a little improvising if you wish to avoid soldering and tape. If you have strong enough cutters, cut the wire end of the .187 quick disconnect and cap the wire running the opposite way (tip of wire facing tip of prong.

Q. When I try to put the Hayabusa in my case it doesn't fit due to the buttons (usually this is with Qanba sticks). Why?

A. the pcb that connects the jst harness to the microswitches is held down by a small screw. By removing this screw, you gain enough flexibility to accomadate the stick into the case. (see picture without pcb screw)


Q. Does the Hayabusa fit in the SE/Brawstick?

A. The PCB beneath the turbo panel blocks the stick but if you remove it to use an aftermarket PCB (such as Cthulhu or ps360+) you can fit the Hayabusa

Q. Can I replace the Hayabusa stock shaft with the Phreakmods JLF Link?

A. Yes! You just need to make sure you ONLY replace the shaft. You MUST keep the pivot that comes with the Hayabusa as it is designed for its conical shape.


Q. Does the Hayabusa fit in the TE?

A. It will, but requires cutting a portion of the TE's internals (the portion marked in red)


(Description and photo by NENDO http://forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/comment/8691580/#Comment_8691580)

Q. Can I use a Sanwa JLF-P4 pivot in place of the Hayabusa pivot?

A.  Yes, the Sanwa JLF-P4 pivot will fit into the Hayabusa.  To note, a main difference is that the hayabusa pivot has notches in it to help move grease around.


(Description and photo by Joe Howell)

More to come and pictures as well. Again, feel free to ask questions or show your Hayabusa mod.

-Joey W

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    From my own work on a friends stick i found out you can use the 1mm oversized actuator with the stock hayabusa square gate with minor modification. The issue is the corner of the actuator gets caught on the inside edge of the gate. If you take a small file you can sand down the edges of the gate from the inside. If you do it at an angle it will leave enough clearance for the actuator to clear the gate no problem and you wont touch the outward facing bottom section of the gate at all so the gate profile wont be effected at all.

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    I kinda dont understand the answer to the hori silent stick question, Is it ok for me to just swap out the silent lever with a 5 pin lever and leave 1 pin not connected or is that gonna damage my pcb?

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