What is the meaning behind JLF?


A question that is increasingly common amongst inquisitive new players curious about Sanwa's line of popular joysticks, is the meaning behind the names used to identify each model.

There is a dissection of model letters to represent the joystick series

Let's look at this example:


  • JLF = Joystick Lever "F".  Representing the 6th in the series of Sanwa joysticks.
  • TP = Microswitch PCB
  • 8Y = Four Microswitches on 1 base without mounting plate
  • SK = Shaft cover (K = Black)
  • DB = Dark Blue (Color of Balltop)

There are additional designations related to the JLF family:

  • 8YT = Four Microswitches on one base with flat mounting plate
  • 8S = Four Microswitches on one base with bump plate (S-Plate)
  • TPRG = Microswitch PCB using Omron D2-RVG family of microswitches.
  • -R = Red Balltop
  • -Y = Yellow Balltop
  • -B = Blue Balltop
  • -VI = Violet Balltop
  • -O = Orange Balltop
  • -P = Pink Balltop
  • -DB = Dark Blue Balltop
  • -VER = Vermillion Balltop
  • -G = Green Balltop
  • -W = White
  • -K - Black Balltop
  • -DH = Dark Hai (gray)

Sanwa Catalog

Interested in knowing more about Sanwa's parts?  Click here to view their latest catalog.

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