Does the Seimitsu LS-56 fit into the Qanba Q1?

LS-56.jpgQANBA-Q1.jpgWe received a few tickets asking whether the Qanba Q1-Cut could accommodate the Seimitsu LS-56-01

The LS-56-01 (PCB version) with MS plate has similar mounting features as the Sanwa JLF.  Facebook member BernardoandErika Lopez provided a more concise answer:

"I myself have a qanba Q1 and i have a LS-58. They use the same mounting plate, and I was able to install it and use it, only downside is you can only screw in the top two because the mounting plates a tad longer than the screw hole opening on the Qanba Q1. But two screws was more than enough. It does not move at all if screwed in properly,and it works perfectly fine. Trust me, the bottom two are not necessary; with the top two it doesn't move at ALL."

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