What is the size of a default Crown 303-FK battop versus a Sanwa LB-30-N battop?

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Just curious if you could tell me the size of the stock bat top on the Crown 303FK joystick when compared to a sanwa bat top? The Crown looks slightly larger (which I'm actually hoping) than the available sanwa bat tops and also the bat top itself seems slightly higher off the base of the stick than a sanwa replacement on a stock jlf looks.

Could you please tell me the comparison results before I order one of these? Thank you in advance.


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    Thanks for your inquiry. After checking with a digital caliper, the size of the Crown battop (not includng shaft height) is as follows:

    Height: 52mm 

    Diameter at widest point: 29.07mm 

    Diameter at narrowest point: 18.22mm 

    Height with shaft from base: 81.92mm

    A Sanwa LB Battop is:

    Height: 50.80mm 

    Diameter at widest point: 28.90mm 

    Diameter at narrowest point: 20.13mm 

    Height with shaft from base: 76.76mm

    There is a height difference from the joystick base, depending on what joystick you intend to install the 303-FK into. The measurements do not factor in the potential drop-in height from a commercial joystick panel.

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    Just a follow-up. Here's my Qanba Q2 Standard with installed Crown 303FK and PS3-colored sanwa buttons from Focus Attack! The wiring harness made installation a breeze! TY again for the helpful info and customer service. 


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