Q&A: Dual-Modding a Fighting Edge

Originally from ticket #145.

I have a PS3 fighting edge, and am looking to dualmod it with the ps360+. Will I lose any features, such as the LED lights or touchpad permanently?

If you install the ps360+ into the Fighting Edge you will lose the features from the touch panel. The only things you could still get to keep, if wired properly, would be start and select buttons.

Even if the Start and Select buttons are on the touchpad?

Yes, start and select would be the only thing on the touchpad that is possible to retain.

There is only one way to keep all the features and it would only work on the ps3. That would be to still keep the original pcb wired up along with the ps360+. You'd end up having to use the original usb cable for just the Fighting Edge pcb to play on ps3 and then a second usb for 360.

Oh, alright. Thanks so much. You've been very helpful. I'l assume the wires
for the Start and Select are common ones like in any other stick?

Actually wiring up start and select isn't just as easy as that. I made a post on SRK's forums with a picture of the pinout to wire them up. It will require the original pcb to stay, though won't require you having to wire everything up to it.


Thanks so much for your help. Hopefully I won't screw it up, haha.

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