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Hi, I just got a old arcade cabinet and im planning to put my xbox 360 and a old PS2 (not the PS3) in it. I have two Mad catz TE sticks (round 1 and round 2) for the 360 that im going to put in the cabinets controll panel but i need to mod them to work on both the 360 and PS2. I thought i knew what i needed to buy from your site but have started to doubt myslef lol. could you help me make a shopping list? thank you

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Thanks for your inquiry. We are confirming with our support contact about the PS360+'s ability to work with two consoles in tandem via the USB and RJ45 ports it uses. We are assuming that you could potentially use the USB port with the Xbox360, and the RJ45 port for PS2. Related USB-A to USB-B cables and RJ45 to PS2 cables would then apply. Our contact will respond within 1-2 business days.

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Thank you so much for the help, I was thinking about that same setup but
thought I should ask. I will patiently wait for your reply, thanks again

Hi Rey,

Concerning your desired setup, you could use a usb cable plugged into the usb jack on the ps360+ and a rj45-ps2 cable in the rj45 jack. The only stipulation is that you can't have both cables connected at the same time.

I have tested having both cables plugged into the ps360+ at the same time and it would not connect to my computer. Even though the ps2 cable wasn't connected to the system, just the ps360+, it still wasn't able to work on my computer.

Thank you guys so much for all the help! I was wondering if any other multi
console chip on your site could do what I wanted, even if it isn't a simple
plug in. If not I'll just go with the ps360

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