Crown Joystick and Tekken Anniversary Joystick

Originally from ticket #118.

Would a Crown joystick fit inside a Tekken Anniversary box? I think you already know that the Tekken Anniversary joystick is a localized Hori Real Arcade Pro for the American market. I also understand that the Crown joystick uses the eight wires that the stock Hori stick uses, but the Korean wires are thicker than the stock Hori wires. I'm certain that some modification will need to be done to physically fit the Crown into the Tekken Anniversary panel, but can the wires from the Crown be directly soldered onto the Hori PCB?

I'm sorry, but a Crown joystick will not fit the mounting bracket in a Tekken Anniversary case. Although, the Crown 303-FK would be able to fit the mounting bracket of any of the other HRAP sticks. If installed in any of said HRAP sticks, a .187-to-5-pin-conversion-harnes can be used without needing to solder any wires (

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