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Hey Support,

I received all of the parts needed to dual-mod with PS360+ and I was able
to mostly set it up yesterday. All face buttons and joystick work but my
start and select button didn't work and I have a wire on my PS3 Madcatz
TE-S stick that is undocumented. I have attached a picture of it to this
It is the top left one and it's red. The wires beneath it all have labels
next to it but not that one. I can't find any documentation on what it is
for. At the moment I have it going to the Guide/Home button but I am
positive it doesn't go there.
Any help on if this is a ground wire or what it is and where it should go?


Adam Knutson

The wire in question is the "kill ground". It is what the start and select buttons share and it connects to the lock switch on the panel. The lock switch will control whether or not the kill ground can connect to ground or not.

You can could connect that wire to a ground and start/select will work, but will no longer be affected by the lock switch.


Thanks for the clarification on that. Keep up the great work Gummowned!
Once I get home I will make sure to switch that wire to a ground port.

Thanks again,

Adam Knutson

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