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I recently wired up my new stick I built using a sanwa jlf stick using the paradisearcade blue led buttons. And when iI plug it into the xbox 360 or ps3 I get power to the board and buttons they glow great. But nothing else, they won't acknowledge the stick. I tried holding start as I plug it in which stops the board from flashing and still nothing. So I plugged it into the computer and updated the driver hoping that would solve the problem. It did not when I plug it into the computer it loads in as the bootloader in the device description and when I hold start when I plug it in it shows the ps360+ v1.3 and then when I pull up the properties yo test the buttons 5,7,9,11,12,13 all flash. I'm pretty sure it all wired right as I've taken it apart and done it half a dozen times trying to find out the problem. Hopefully I'm missing something easily fixed. I've got the dual negative quick links daisy chain hooked up to the led and the actual button, than a power daisy chain for the leds which at this point the only thing working going to the vcc port. . Then the positive going from each button to the board. The wires are a mess right now wanted to rest it before I took the time to wrap them up cleanly. Any help would be great trying to get this up and working for injustice gods among men!

Hopefully this isn't a double post trying to do this all from my phone.

Hi, Aaron. Thank you for all the information provided. I believe you have all the button signals hooked to the wrong connection tab on the switches. There are 3 connection tabs on the switch: Ground, NO, and NC. The top tab is Ground, the middle tab is NO (normally open), and the bottom tab is NC (normally closed). You have all the signal wires connected to the NC tab causing all the buttons to be held down when the button is not pressed. You will want to move all these wires to the NO tab.

You're awesome I knew it had to be something easy I was over looking can't believe that something so minute would not let the xbox acknowledge it. Glad it working now! While in have you are the lights only able to just stay lit up to without buying a that sparky board?

In the current way you have the leds setup they will only stay lit. If you want to change it so that they light up only when you press the button, there is a way to do so without an extra board. Instead of having the cathode contact for the led connected to ground, have it connected to the button's signal line.

Ah I see what you mean now. Now I am kinda interested in getting the sparkywould iI have to rewire this completely to wire into that board? Would it still work with these only being blue led's? Thanks for the help by the way I've been searching the Web for all of these questions just to get vague answers! Does the sparky play well with the ps360+?

The sparky led controller is only useful with RGB leds since the only effect it does is change the colors.

Aaron - we received a direct reply message thanking Gummowned for his help. In our new support ticket system, we mark a question as solved if the customer feels that the issue is addressed satisfactorily. Do you feel that this issue is resolved so that we can close it?

Much appreciated,
Jaleel Beck

Thank you for all the help definitely the issue is resolved.

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