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Originally from ticket #59.

i wanted to add led's to the inside of my fightstick, they are going to be hooked up to switch outside the box so i can turn them on and off, my question is, do i need a led board or can i just wire them directly to 5v with the right resitors, also, what is the brightest leds size i can add and what resistors should i buy?
thank you.

Hi Ivory,

If I understand correctly you are just trying to illuminate the inside of the case, right? You don't need a led controller board. You can wire the leds directly to the 5v usb source and resistors for each led. 5mm leds are probably the brightest sized leds suitable for the job. For more help on the wiring diagram and resistor values to use you can check out http://led.linear1.org/led.wiz

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