Question About Dual Modding WWE Brawlstick

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A had a question about dual modding my fightstick that I own. I have a
Madcatz SE WWE All-Stars fightstick for PS3 that I bought and customized. I
was wondering if there would be any problems if I tried to install the
Akishop PS360+ PCB. I really want to invest the money to make my fightstick
the best it can be, but I don't want to waste money if for some reason the
PCB doesn't fit or for some reason it isn't compatible. If I got one I
would probably want to use the USB port for my cable instead of soldering
the previous cable, because I know that takes up extra space.

Pretty much I just want to know if my plan is dead in the water.

Jonathan Jesaitis

You will be able to install the ps360+ rather easily inside a brawl stick. There are 4 screw pillars under the JLF that you can mount the ps360+ to. Because of the size of the pcb, you will only be able to use a screw in one of the corners. You can take one of the pan head screws from the back of the home panel for use of screwing down the ps360+. You most likely will have to replace the original usb cable with a new one and use the usb port on the board because I think the original usb cable will not be able to reach the ps360+ in the suggested mounting location.

Thanks for the info. I will be sure to pick one up when I can. That is, if I don't win the contest this weekend.

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