Connecting a Neutrik RJ-45 into MadCatz TE

A while back I transferred a Tatsunoko vs Capcom wii pcb into a TE PS3 case. I'm looking to update that project and clean it up a bit, I cut the Wii cable to feed it through the usb cable hole. My question is, how would I go about installing a Neutrik RJ-45 into the case and make a cable for it?

Thank you in advance

Hi Ivan,

The easiest way would be to mount the neutrik rj45 jack where the Select button is. This would only require the drilling of two screw holes. Rewire Select to the turbo button to retain having a Select button. Solder a cat5 cable to the Wii pcb's system cable pins and crimp the other end so it can be inserted into the rj45 jack. You can use whatever color scheme/pinout so long as you keep consistent with the pinout when you crimp the detachable system cable.

This link may help you on how to crimp. Just note that it's focused on crimping cables for use with the MC cthulhu.

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