Brook PS3/PS4 adapter and Logitech G27 Wheel with Video Tutorials

Logitech G27 Steering Wheel

Q: I am having problems with the brook ps3-ps4 super converter. The device works fine with my ps3 controller but my Logitech g27 wheel is completely unresponsive. I am running latest firmware on my ps4. I thought I might need to update the firmware on the brook device so I downloaded the relevant file from your website. When I plugged the brook device into my usb port on my desktop (running windows 7) and the my laptop (running windows 10) both systems did not recognize the device. My laptop does indeed recognize the brook converter (getting into the input devices section) and when I attempt to update the drivers, the system is letting me know that the device has the latest drivers already installed.

The firmware installation in your pdf guide only specifically relates to ps3 controllers. This does not solve my problem of the g27 wheel not responding to the brook converter. When the converter is plugged into the ps4 and g27 wheel plugged into the converter, the first thing that happens is that the wheel spins around. I can feel the force feeedback is on, the green light on the gear box is on but it begins flashing after several seconds and the force feedback is lost (the wheel behaves in the same manner as when the power is off.)


A: Please be sure to follow each step provided below:

  1. Download the latest update files from Brook’s website:

  2. Unzip to get 1.ZPPN00XX-A(.exe)

  3. Run “ZPPN00XX-A” as administrator.

  4. Connect converter with controller / stick (need L3 or Left button), and plug into USB port on PC (Normal mode: Blue LED, TE mode: Purple LED) ※Note: Don’t use USB hub when plugging into PC Normal Mode TE Mode

  5. Follow illustration to press combo keys to enter update mode. 1. PS + Start (Normal mode: Blue LED→Red LED) (TE mode: Purple LED→Red LED) 2. Press L3/Left, hold it, and press PS button (LED to both Normal and TE mode turn from Red to Purple), the ”Update” button will show up on screen. 3. Release both L3/Left and PS button at the same time.

  6. Click Update button (Purple LED will flash) In update mode

  7. When the bar runs to the end, you’ll see “Update Successful”, ”Please release the update mode”.(Purple LED keeps flashing)

  8. Simply follow the illustration to press the same combo keys as STEP 5 again to exit update mode. 1. PS+Start (LED to both Normal and TE mode turn from flashing Purple to Red) 2. Press L3/Left, hold it, and press PS button. 3. Release both L3/Left and PS button at the same time. (Normal made: Red LED→Blue LED) (TE mode: Red LED→Purple LED) Normal Mode TE Mode

  9. Close Firmware following on-screen steps.

Upon completion, please make sure you exit the updater properly following the onscreen steps. Please ensure that each step in the G27 to Brook PS3/4 Converter Video are followed including pressing the red button on the lower left side of the wheel after powering up.

Enjoy the drive!


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