Is the IL Eurostick shaft compatible with the IL Compact Joystick?

We received a support ticket asking a unique question:

I was wondering if I could switch out the IL Compact shaft and replace it with the longer IL Eurostick shaft? I wanted to have the levered microswitches but have a longer shaft for my wood panel control panel.

Unfortunately the IL Eurostick shaft is not compatible with the compact joystick base.

The Eurostick shaft is actually shorter than the compact, but that is because the actuator for both joysticks are different. The compact joystick actuator is longer because it can be flipped for 4 or 8 way control.

The first photo illustrates the difference in height between the IL Eurostick (blue), and the IL Compact Joystick (Yellow):

When the blue Eurostick is inserted into the Compact joystick, the additional actuator height prevents the Eurostick from reaching the end, and thus cannot be held in place. 

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