How to install GamerFinger Optical Joystick PCB For Sanwa JLF Joystick

The GamerFinger Optical PCB installs easily into the Sanwa JLF joystick body.  


Written Instructions

To replace the original TP-MA PCB with the GamerFinger Optical PCB:

  1. Remove the plastic square gate by pinching the tabs at each side of the gate inward.  It's usually easiest to pinch two from one side, then pull that side up. 
  2. Remove the small metal "e-clip" located at the bottom of your joystick shaft.
  3. Following that, remove the actuator (located just above the e-clip) and spring.  The TP-MA PCB is a small circuit board with the joystick microswitches attached.
  4. Remove the TPMA switch from the joystick body, then place the GamerFinger Optical PCB into it with the black cover facing out.
  5. Attach the 6-pin harness included with the kit to the 6 pin connector on the GamerFinger Optical PCB.  You can then either solder the signal and ground wire (black) to your joystick PCB's up, down, left and right ports, or connect the wires to the corresponding ports on a solderless PCB such as Toodles Cthulhu Multi-Console PCB or Akishop PS360+ Multi-Console Joystick PCB.
  6. Solder the 5v harness wire (red) to the +5v USB port of the main joystick PCB. The joystick PCB's USB port is usually a red wire or specifically labeled on the PCB.  If using the MC Cthulhu or Akishop PCB, connect it to the unit's VCC port.


Kowal 1mm oversize actuator, or any larger actuator is not compatible with this product.  Optical joysticks are optimized for the Sanwa GT-8F 4/8-Way Restrictor PlateSanwa GT Y Octagonal Restrictor Gate or JLF GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate Insert.  Gates such as the JLF GT-O Circle Restrictor Plate Insert limit its effectiveness.

DOWNLOAD GamerFinger Optical PCB kit Instructions (PDF - 3MB)

GamerFinger Optical PCB Kit Instructions - Page 1

GamerFinger Optical PCB Kit Instructions - Page 2


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