Brook Superconverters "One Touch Update"

Keeping up with the Brook Superconverters can sometimes prove a little challenging if you put it away for a while and need to update it. Here are some steps from the Brook Dev team to help you get your converter back in action:



1. Please make sure there is a sticker on the back side of the converter and confirm if the date is later than 2016/04.

2. If the date is later than 2016/04, please download the firmware update on the Brook website directly.

3. If the date is earlier than 2016/04, please download 2016/04 from here:

4. After that, please download the latest update on the Brook website.

  • The date is later than 2016/04 it then can be run in the easier update mode.


If the date is earlier than 2016/04, please update to 2016/04 to enable the one touch mode.


For additional assistance with the earlier update mode, see



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