Metal Panel Repair: How to remount a joystick

Q. I have a Madcatz FightStick. The entire welded joystick mounting plate came apart while I was playing. Are there any repair tips? I'm not purchasing another stick at this time & I was thinking of bolting it. This is the issue

A. You would use a drill with a bit that can go through metal (always wear eye protection and take other safety precautions). I would recommend using a long (10-12mm) M4 screw with a flush head. Line up the mounting plate and add a nut as a spacer for depth between the topplate and the mounting plate. Here is an images of an example: this example is shown without the nuts to add space, as it is to your preference to provide the shaft hight you choose.

Again, be safe and measure several times before drilling and your bit is the right diameter for the screws. Make sure you have it lined up precisely where the stick can be mounted. Once completed, cover it up with art and plexi (which we offer for many size plates)

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