Madcatz TE Allen Screw Issues


Q: I'm hoping you guys can help me, I'm between a wall and a hard place. Today I installed the new artwork and plexi I just bought. While I was tightening the hex screws on the bezel using an Allen Wrench, I noticed that I over tightened the screw, and now it's completely stripped. Is there anything I can do to remove it? I don't want to buy a whole new arcade stick over a stripped screw.(Madcatz TE)

A: Please try the trick using a large, flat rubber band found here
If you are successful, consider ordering replacement screws from us. 

Q: The screw hole is stripped, and no screw will fit on it. (TE).

A: The hole is typically not stripped, the nut that was adhered to the inside of the case that holds the top plate screws had fallen off, as it is held by an adhesive. Go get this: and plumbers tape (silicone). You may need a second set of hands but mix the epoxy as instructed then apply a liberal amount with the nut the fell out back where it belongs. Wrap a non stripped screw in silicone tape then screw it in like normal tightly. Wait 5 hours or more. Your screw hole should be as good as new.



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