"Will it fit?" Mad Catz Round 1/2 TE Edition



Q: I have had these older Mad Catz sticks forever! I feel like it's finally time to do something with them. What parts are compatible, and are there any differences between the two models?


A: Both the Round 1 and Round 2 Mad Catz TE arcade sticks are the same except for cosmetic appearance. All parts are interchangeable between the two models even down to the side panels. Thankfully, this means that the following list can be applied to both of them. The Mad Catz TE series utilizes all Sanwa parts for the pushbuttons and lever. We have put together a list of parts available on our store that fit these models directly:



Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT



Seimitsu LS-40 (a .187 to 5-pin conversion harness is required)

Seimitsu LS-40-01

Seimitsu LS-32-01

Seimitsu LS-62-01

Crown 309MJ (a .187 to 5-pin conversion harness is required)

Crown SDL-301-DX (a .187 to 5-pin conversion harness is required)

Hori Hayabusa



Sanwa OBS Series 30MM

Seimitsu PS Series 30MM

Hori Hayabusa Series 30MM

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