Disabling SOCD on a Brook PCB

Q: I want to disable SOCD on my Brook (or any common ground) PCB. How can I accomplish this?


A: By using 7400 logic chips meant for through hole soldering (one for each axis), you install these circuits between the button’s input wire (not the ground wire) and the PCB. The button’s input wire goes into the chip, and the filtered output (which has SOCD prevention) comes out of the chip and goes into the PCB. You also need to provide power to the 7400 chips, so connect Pin 14 (Voltage) to Voltage on the PCB, and connect Pin 7 (Ground) to Ground on the PCB. Here is a video on last input SOCD cleaning:



Some notes on these circuits:

"(Optional) For cleaner wiring, you can use a blob of solder to join two adjacent legs instead of using wire.
Each 7400 has a maximum power draw of 22mA according to the datasheet.
If you’re worried about input lag, the circuits within the 7400 chips are comprised of discrete analog electronic components with no microprocessor. Therefore, the amount of lag in these circuits is technically a few (<25) nanoseconds, but a 60fps frame is 16666667 nanoseconds… in other words, they don’t lag. Check the datasheet if you doubt me."


Special thanks to FA customer Nelson R. for the video, and SRK user DanAdamKOF for the explanation. :)

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