What kind of connector is used for the Mad Catz TE2 cable?


Q: The cable for my Mad Catz TE2/TE2+ is starting to get worn out. Is there a way to replace just the end by re-terminating it?


A: The ends for the Mad Catz TE2/TE2+ cables are actually not proprietary! What you are looking for is a GX12 5-pin aviation connector. They are readily available on Amazon and various other online stores. Most of them ship with both a female and male end - replacing the old one is as simple as disconnecting the wires from the male side, removing the old male end and reconnecting the wires, then cutting the old female end off and soldering the wires from the cable onto the new female end's pins. For pin information, continue reading:

Pin 1 - (Green): Data +
Pin 2 - (White): Data -
Pin 3 - (Red): +5V
Pin 4 - (Black): Ground
Pin 5 - (Black): Shield



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