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Q: I am trying to remove the screws that hold my Sanwa JLF mounting plate on to the lever, but they want to strip! What should I do?


A: In the event that the screws are too far worn out, it is recommended that one use a drill bit to drill into the center of the head of the screw, then work it out by operating the drill in reverse. Sanwa uses loctite on all of their mounting plate screws to ensure that the plate does not work itself loose. To avoid this issue in the future, it is recommended that the DIY'er use JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) tools for all parts:



The difference between your common phillips bit and a JIS bit is stated in the above image. Whereas a phillips bit is made to fit securely in the slight radius that the corners of a phillips screw has, the JIS bit is intended to turn screws that have slots of a more shallow depth. The Sanwa JLF mounting plate screws are no exception to this rule, and play much nicer with JIS tools instead of PHILLIPS. We plan to offer tools for the every day DIY'er here at Focus Attack in the near future.

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