Will IL Short Stem pushbuttons fit in the Qanba Dragon?

A question I received more than once in a lifetime comes from fans of older American style pushbuttons. Some wonder if larger Fightsticks have enough clearance to accomodate it.  One of them in the Qanba Dragon Fightstick (PS4/PS3/PC):

 In this case, a customer asked if the IL PSL-H Concave Short-Stem Pushbutton could work. Let's look at the specs of this button:

Japanese Fightsticks don't usually have the clearance to accomodate the buttons you mentioned.  Larger Fightsticks such as the Qanba Dragon can, but the 28mm button housing is narrower than the 30mm housing the button holes are designed for.  The IL pushbutton would then require its screw nut to hold in place.  Because the Dragon was not designed for such buttons, it does not have the spacing to accomodate the screw nut.

You might have some luck with the Razer Atrox (Xbox360/Xbox One/PC), the Razer Panthera Panthera (PS3/PS4/PX) Fightstick, or the Hori VLX Fightstick. These models have better spacing between the buttons for the screw nut, and enough clearance to accomodate a short stem pushbutton.  

You'll need to purchase a set of two Female .187" to Male .110" Conversion Wire for each button. The connectors to buttons in most Fightsticks are sized at the smaller .110", and the button microswitch in most American or European buttons is .187".  You can see how the conversion wires are installed via the illustration below:


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