USB Passthrough Disconnection Issues


Q: I have had my USB passthrough or Neutrik for some time now, and in some cases I notice that it will drop my arcade stick's connection. This is very frustrating to deal with, how can I fix this?


A: Depending on the build quality of the cables used along with the passthrough, the cables or the passthrough itself can wear over time. If a cable is tripped over or yanked by accident, this can cause stress on the passthrough, even so far as to cause it to stop functioning entirely. While we generally suggest to customers to first test with other USB cables, we also recommend that (in some cases) the passthrough may need to be replaced altogether. If replacement is not a convenient option at the time, the next best suggestion is to firmly secure the cable to the passthrough on the offending side, and then reinforce it by using hot glue around the port the USB cable seats into. We recommend hot glue specifically for this temporary repair because it is exactly that: temporary. It can be removed with relative ease and does not cosmetically harm the rest of the arcade stick.

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