IST Pre-Installed Brook PS3/PS4/PC Fight Board PCB Kit: Firmware and Connection Diagram

Though we no longer offer the IST Pre-Installed Brook PS3/PS4/PC Fight Board PCB Kit, we do recognize there is still a need for existing owners to review information about the product.


Please click here to access Brook's latest firmware for this device plus instructions to update the firmware. Please choose "PS3PS4 Fighting Board". new-window-icon.png

View/Download firmware update instructions for the (PDF - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent PDF viewer)

Connection Diagram

Please review the following diagram to connect your wires to the IST Breakout Board. Note that Channel LED and Turbo LED do not have associated harnesses at this time.  Alternative USB input cable is also not included, and USB cable from PS3/PC Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB is not compatible.  Use the included USB A to B cable, or 18 Inch Male A-B USB 2.0 Cable along with Neutrik brand NAUSB Feed Through Connector attached to the included cable.

IST Preinstalled PS3/PS4 Fight Board Kit Wire Configuration

Wiring Notes

1p - Square - Yellow
2p - Triangle - Green
3p - R1 - Gray
4p - L1 - White

1k - Cross - Blue
2k - Circle - Red
3k - R2 - Orange
4k - L2 - Brown

Home (PS Button) - Red (next black ground)

Options (Start) - Purple

Share (Select) - White (closest to ground)

Ground - Black

When wiring a Sanwa joystick, the red lettering on the joystick harness should be facing down towards the bottom of the fightstick.

When wiring a Seimitsu joystick, the red lettering on the harness should be facing up towards the top panel of the joystick.

In both cases the pcb should be flipped so that the 5 pin connection is closest to the buttons.

IST Joystick Installation Diagram

(Special thanks to SRK's fundando new-window-icon.png for installation video, updated wiring diagrams, and wiring notes).

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