Arcade1Up: Does installing a new joystick require any modification?


Q: I recently purchased an Arcade1Up cabinet and I am looking for a different feel from the joystick levers. Is it possible to just do a drag and drop replacement?


A: Unfortunately, it is not as simple as swapping out a lever in an arcade stick. The levers used in the Arcade1Up cabinets are generic and do not follow any particular industry standard, so you will have to drill holes in the panel to fit the mounting plates of the new levers. The easiest way to do this is to remove the old levers and then do a mock-up fit with the new ones, marking where you need to drill your holes. Using a 7/64th inch bit to drill the holes is best, then you can re-use the original screws from the old lever mounting plate to fasten the new one to the control panel.

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