Arcade1Up: Can I install Sanwa or Seimitsu pushbuttons?


Q: I recently bought an Arcade1Up cabinet and I would like to install different pushbuttons into it, particularly Sanwa or Seimitsu. What are my options?


A: Due to the thickness of the MDF the control panel is made out of, standard snap-in buttons do not properly seat into the control panel housing. It is very important to use either American style pushbuttons or Sanwa/Seimitsu where the pushbutton style is threaded with a collar. The barrels on the threaded Sanwa and Seimitsu pushbuttons are much longer and intended for this sort of application.


Be forewarned, however, there have been reports of Sanwa and Seimitsu pushbuttons not fitting perfectly in terms of diameter, so you may have to file away at the panel a little bit.

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