Will it Fit? American/EU (28mm) Pushbutton in MadCatz TE2

A common question we get - especially from older players that remember the convex buttons they used in the arcades - is whether American style buttons will fit in Fightsticks that offer a higher internal clearance, such as the MadCatz TE2. We can confirm that a specific brand of American/EU button will fit with a few mm to spare, but you will need some additional components and something to keep in mind when installing.

The IL PSL-H Short Stem pushbutton has a clearance of 70mm with microswitch, which is just enough to clear the internal space.  The conversion wire is necessary to connect the American button's microswitch to internal wiring in this Fightstick.

Some caveats that will apply to these buttons:

  • The TE2 latest generation model uses a spacer on its buttons to lift it upward in the panel.  This is done to allow easier artwork swapping, since you do not need to remove the button.  The only way to rectify this is to purchase a replacement panel like this one:

    Blank Plexi Cover for MadCatz T.E.2, T.E.2+ (Generation 1 1/16" Adjusted)

    This plexiglass will allow the button to sit atop the panel.

  • American pushbuttons are have a 28mm diameter, and do not come as snapbuttons. You must use the screw ring to attach them.  This may have a tight fit when screwing them all in, as the fightstick manufacturer did not anticipate these buttons installed into them.
  • Because these buttons are 28mm and not 30mm, there is a possibility that the panel they are installed into may cause shifting.
  • Some wiring can get in the way of the button install, so you'll need to move some wiring out of the way.

What about Razer Panthera/Atrox?

We also tried the Panthera, and found that it also has enough clearance for the PSL-H button. The same caveats as the TE2 apply here, especially the Panthera, which has tight spacing, and its use of molded spacers around buttons don't leave much room for the screw rings.

What about the Qanba Dragon and Hori VLX?

Yes, there is enough clearance for the PSL-H and conversion harnesses to properly fit in the se much larger joystick models.

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