My USPS Tracking or FedEx Ground Tracking Hasn't Moved in Several Days. What's Wrong with My Order?

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USPS Tracking

Since May 2020, domestic USA customers have reported either delays in receiving shipments or that tracking has not updated past the "Shipment Received: Package Acceptance Pending: status.  

After the COVID-19 pandemic, USPS has reduced their scanning frequency, or is delaying their sorting and delivery times. Because your shipment is now in USPS possession, we have limited ability to change the trajectory of the shipment, nor can we speed up the delivery time. As you are inquiring with us, we can only inquire with the post office, and they are largely dependent on when the item was last scanned by a post office worker.

Tracking is updated each time the post office scans your package during transit. 

FedEx Ground Tracking

We have received note that FedEx Ground tracking is having similar issues with scans and processing due to much higher than normal shipping demand and less resources after the pandemic.  Here is part of the message we received:

Understand also that tracking is not completely accurate with its updates. Just so everyone is clear, packages are NOT “out for delivery” on our trucks for several days. I know this has further exasperated the delays. The delays are with the volumes and trailers getting backed up and not getting worked as they usually do. If you are shipping or expecting “large” packages these items are considered “incompatibles” and go thru a manual sort and placed on “incompatible trucks”. These type items are experiencing even greater delays.

Finally, in speaking with ground management here locally in Lehigh Valley, PA this morning there is hope they can be completely caught up by the end of the first week of June. No guarantees here but wanted to give you and estimated timeframe. They are hoping to have additional people back to work.

Important Note about Tracking Flow from FA to USPS, FedEx

I want to make clear that FA is doing its part to ship these orders, even if tracking does not appear to indicate that FA has actually shipped it.

Please note that if you receive any tracking information from, this means that your shipment was physically packed and issued to a post officer as part of a daily scheduled pickup. 

I appreciate your patience here - the pandemic had changed just about every operation in the United States and globally. We are working with our carriers to smooth out the bumps during transit, but are limited in what is possible during this time.


Jaleel Beck 
Final Boss

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