Tech Corner: Phreakmods Link For Sanwa JLF

A lot of us have been in this situation before: you're getting ready to attend your next tournament, and while packing your bags, you realize that your arcade stick is a pain to deal with. You're worried that the joystick will get damaged because it protrudes from the arcade stick, or if you're flying, you're worried that a TSA agent will damage it by being a bit too curious.

As always, we have a solution for you! The Phreakmods Link, a product designed by SRK's Phreakmods with the intent of making travel a little more hassle-free, will set you right on your way. The Link is a two piece system that replaces the one piece shaft in the Sanwa JLF, giving you the ability to simply remove the upper part of your lever for travel purposes. The top piece is spring-loaded and has bearing-inserts that grip the lower part of the shaft to give a lever feel indistinguishable from a one piece system, with much more convenience.

(It should be noted at this time that there is a newer revision of this product available, called "The Link EX Groove", which is also available on our store. The original Link will be phased out when all stock is depleted. The installation procedure for The Link EX Groove is the same.)

Installing The Link is a relatively easy procedure! We've included a video at the bottom of this page to help you along with the process. Check it out below:

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