Replacement Speakers For A Sega Blast City


Q: The speakers in my Sega Blast City are starting to sound blown out and have poor audio quality. Is it possible to replace them?


A: Unfortunately, OEM replacement parts for a lot of the Sega candy cabinets are hard to come by now - unless you come across new old stock or buy used parts secondhand. This is especially true for the Blast City's speakers, due to their unusual skinny and rectangular shape. A lot of the Sega cabinets do not share this speaker design, for example - the Astro City and Net City, which have a more traditional speaker design. However, it's been discovered that there is in fact a suitable substitute that can be used: the Aura NS2x3-184-4A. While we don't offer them here at Focus Attack, it is possible to acquire them through other vendors.

While they aren't a perfect fit, they fit well enough that nothing needs to be modified or cut to fit. You may want to insulate the slight gap that is left by them being barely smaller, but these are as close to a drop in solution as you are going to get.

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