Tech Corner: Sanwa JLF Maintenance

It's happened many times before: you buy a shiny new arcade stick, and everything is great. A couple years pass, and the lever starts to feel not quite like it used to, you start dropping game winning combos, and the slop in the lever's throw is hard to ignore.

Why does this happen?

By design, joysticks are wear items. They have components in them that will slowly deteriorate over time, depending on how heavy handed you are with your arcade stick. Fear not, though - most of the time the symptoms can be completely reversed without even buying a new arcade stick. It's important as an arcade stick hobbyist to know how to take care of your gear. For that, we have a maintenance video for the Sanwa JLF, Sanwa's flagship lever, which is featured in many arcade sticks like the Razer Panthera, Qanba Obsidian, and the MadCatz TE2 to name a few. Check out the video to learn more about how you can keep your joystick in tip-top shape.

Products featured in this video:

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