Installing Art Caps And Plungers in the GamerFinger HBFS-30 and HBFS-24


Q: I bought a set of GamerFinger HBFS-30/HBFS-24s and the plungers don't seem to want to stay on, or my art caps and plungers do not want to stay together. What am I doing wrong?


A: The art caps can only be installed in a specific way. They must be installed with the ears of the plunger lined up with the slots that are cut out on the cap:




As you can see by the photo above, the art cap's slot and the plunger's ears are outlined by a red box. .To keep the art cap and plunger together properly, it's imperative that they be assembled this way.

Regarding the plunger falling out of the pushbutton barrel, the issue is that it is possible to install the plunger into the barrel the wrong way. Since there are four slots on the sides of the pushbutton barrel, you must line up the ears of the plunger to use the slots that have a plastic support in the middle:


Press firmly (but not with extreme force) to seat the plunger. If the buttons are not assembled in a specific way, they will not stay together. Please use this article as a guideline for assembling all GamerFinger pushbuttons.

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