One micro switch causing delayed inputs on my new LSX-NOBI. How do I fix it?

Seimitsu recently noted an issue with the first batch of LSX-NOBI Standard and Pro models.

To fix, please loosen all screws and tighten again.

  1. Loosen all screws.
  2. Move green guide and PCB a little.
  3. Tighten up.
DSCN9336.fws.jpg DSCN9337.fws.jpg
Loosen these screws and move the PCB a bit to reseat screws You may see one of the screws as lifted from the base.  After loosening the screws and adjusting the PCB, all of the screws should properly seat into the base.

Seimitsu already changed the screw torque for assembling, and future units will not have this issue.

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