I have artwork and a template for a Fightstick you do not yet offer on the site. Can you print and cut this for me?

We often get requests to print and cut Fightsticks from all corners of the internet.  The challenge here is meeting expectations of customers who say they have a template.

We do offer to  print non-commercial fightstick art where the template is laid atop the artwork. Often customers will then use the Fightstick's plexi panel to line up with the template above the artwork and cut with exacto.

That print-only service is available here.

I'll explain a bit further why we don't yet offer cut services for Fightsticks that we cannot spec.

A Photoshop Template isn't Enough

First, because we don't have the hardware to spec from, a Photoshop template won't allow us to accurately measure the hardware's proper size. This is due to a potential difference in the resolution of the template. If the resolution is less or more than 300dpi, it may not match the hardware when printing and cutting.

Second, we then have to trace the fightstick from the template. This leads to inconsistencies because we don't have a way to confirm the sizes. It's also time consuming.

What can we make use of?

The file we need to offer cut services is a vector-based EPS of PDF file of the template. That would provide us with an accurate dimension of the fightstick, because it is not tied to the printing resolution. 

I'm hoping to offer services that will allow customers to submit these files alongside their templates, or offer a kit for Fightstick vendors to create their own compatible templates that we can then use and feature on our site. That would allow us offer printing and cutting services for that model.


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