Can you sponsor me, my event or tournament?

We get a lot of sponsor requests.  Understandably we can't sponsor them all, but may offer the next best thing.  

Matcherino is a kickstarter-style crowdfunding solution that allows backers to support your Twitch stream, tournament event, or other gathering by purchasing sponsored products.  A portion of the sales are donated towards your cause.  It doesn't matter the size of your event or Twitch stream - you can choose which products you want as "perks".  After that, you can advertise your crowdfunding page.

Check out Matcherino

That's nice.  Will you donate to my event or cause with free parts and Fightsticks?

I'm afraid we cannot offer free parts, accessories and other items.  That said, we can potentially offer a temporary discount code for a percentage off select parts and accessories should you still wish to inquire.

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