All I have is a JPEG (.jpg) photo. Can you make sure it looks great when printed and/or etched?

While it is easy to submit a photo you found on the internet, our staff cannot prepare that image for optimal printing or etching.  That is your responsibility.

For example, if you submit a full color JPEG for a panel, keychain or dustwasher etch, the results will not turn out well. Etching on clear acrylic requires a black-and-white, inverse photo, and in some cases, a masking to remove black from unwanted areas when the photo is inverted.

Submitting for an etch? Please don't just send a full-color photo expecting us to prepare it for etching.

Images of this sort will be subject to our internal review.  Your order will be printed exactly as you provided us, with no retouching or correction. This can result in lower quality output if the artwork is not to spec. JPEGs from the internet are often low resolution, and not suitable for printing or etching.  Please take care to research the photos you are submitting for quality, and make adjustments to them for the service that you are purchasing.

Custom plexi etch orders that contain only color images will be etched exactly as we receive it, and are not covered under our return policy. You are responsible for treating the desired image before submitting for etching.  We will not make adjustments to this artwork.

If you have no experience submitting artwork for etching or printing, please read through our knowledgebase on submitting artwork for etching or printing.

If you have no experience with Photoshop, you may find that hiring a professional designer is a better choice.

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