Care of Plexiglass

Careful installation and proper maintenance is worthwhile to keep your plexiglass in good condition.  Here are some suggestions:


Brillianize Instant Detailer PackConsider using a plastic cleaning and polishing solution such as Brillianize Instant Detailer Pack For Plexiglass. One will come free with each custom plexiglass purchase, but additional units also available for purchase separately.  We advise against window cleaners or alcohol based products, which will damage the material.

We pre-polish all custom etched plexi before shipping.  If you notice a clouding or smudging on the plexi, this may have resulted from the plastic bag that the plexi was enclosed in touching the plexi.  Wiping with a damp cloth will remove most of the smudging.

To remove dust, use a clean damp cloth or microfiber based cloth.  Please do not use a dry cloth as it will rub dirt into the plexi more than it will remove.

If you don't have plastic cleaner, a small bit of dish detergent and warm water will also work. 

Check out this helpful video on how to use the Brillianize Instant Detailer Pack on multiple surfaces; in the video, the product is used on a glass touch-screen, but is applied in a similar fashion to plexi or PETG.  

Installation and Use

Be careful when handling plexi thicker than the 1/40" thick film that we offer.  Shock such as drops onto a hard surface, or blows onto the surface of the plexi can lead to cracks.  We attempt to carefully pack your plexi in a secure cardboard wrap, but there is potential for damage when handled by postal carriers.  We explain more in our return and replacement policy.

Seimitsu PS-14-KNPlexi is prone to scratching when sharp or hard objects are rubbed against the surface.  To avoid this, please consider what you're wearing during play.  Watches, bracelets, and other accessories can potentially damage the plexi.

Protect your plexi from excessive heat and sunlight, which can cause warping over time.  Thinner plexi such as 1/16" and 1/40" are especially vulnerable.

Take care when installing snap-in buttons.  Please do not push them in too hard, as cracks can occur with excessive force.  Screwbuttons allow for easier installs into plexi, but mind that you do not tighten them too much. 


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