How to Add Your Name to the Fightstick Artist Network List

If you're a Fightstick print, dustwasher or plexi artist looking for additional clients, adding your name to the list is a worthwhile venture, and only takes a few minutes.

How to Get Started

Visit our "Fightstick Artist List" forum, and enter the following information as a new forum comment.  You will need to register for a forum account to leave comments in this section:

  1. Name/Alias or SRK Handle (if you have an alias or handle you use in SRK forums, you can include it here)
  2. Contact information (Email address or other means to contact you)
  3. Description (Background, what makes your services unique, etc. up to 4 sentences).
  4. Pricing (Fightstick Artwork - per unit; control panel or dustwasher Etch Artwork - if applicable)
  5. Geographic Location (USA, Europe, Australia, etc)
  6. Do you also create etch artwork for plexi? (Yes/No)
  7. Can you create designs for custom dustwashers? (Yes/No)
  8. Link to portfolio or service website (if applicable)
  9. Additional notes (Turnaround time, special information, work ethic, etc.)

Copy/Paste Profile

You can copy the contents of the form below, and paste into the comments section of our listings area:

Name/Alias: Contact: Description: Pricing: Geographic Location: Etch Artwork? Design Custom Dustwashers? Link to portfolio or service website: [WEBSITE URL] Additional notes:  

Sample Profile

This is a sample comment that could appear in the comments section.  

Name/Alias: James H. aka Knucklez


Description: I'm based in Chicago and have a talent for mixing unique artworks from various games.  Let's make some magic.

Pricing: $35 for control panel art, $25 for custom dustwashers, $15 for etch artwork 

Geographic Location: USA

Create Etch Artwork? Yes

Design Custom Dustwashers? Yes

Link to portfolio or service website:

Additional notes: Please allow at least 1 week turnaround; 2 minor revisions included in price

Change Your Default Avatar

Enhance your presence in the forums by updating the default avatar.  Here's how:

  1. Login into your account and select "profile", then "Edit"


  2. On the following page, select "Choose File" under "Photo" to upload your custom avatar.  It is recommended that you create an avatar of equal height and width.


Need to Change Anything?  No Longer Offering Services?

The forum system currently doesn't allow comments to be edited.  Please contact us at with any changes or announce you are no longer offering services. We can then adjust or delete your comment. 


The purpose of the Fightstick Artist Network is to connect artists with clients.  We do not assume any involvement between the two.  Any correspondence and responsibility for turnaround or payment is managed amongst you and your client.

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