Fightstick Control Panel Plexi

Acrylic, or more often known as "Plexiglass", is the common material used to create control panel overlays.  We offer custom overlays that are laser-cut to your specifications, or pre-manufactured units that can replace the existing control panel on your commercial Fightstick.

Example Plexi PhotoThe common implementation of control panel plexi is to sandwich artwork between it and the existing metal panel.  In this manner, you can easily swap artwork to your preferences.

Each plexi configuration we offer has been tested against actual hardware for proper fit.

Please note that that plexi is not meant to replace your metal panel.

General Installation

  1. Open your fightstick so that you can access the existing control panel.  There are various ways to do this, often by removing the bottom metal panel.  More recent models, such as the MadCatz TE2 and Razer Atrox, have adopted a more convenient method by flipping the top panel and removing screws just underneath. 
  2. Remove the wiring from buttons and other items attached to the control panel top, taking care to keep track of wire colors so that you can reattach them later.
  3. Detach the pushbuttons from your existing control panel.
  4. Unscrew the joystick balltop or battop.  This is often done by placing a flat-head screwdriver below the joystick shaft.  This allows you to keep the shaft from rotating while you unscrew the balltop.
  5. Remove the original artwork, or place the new artwork atop it.
  6. Replace the original plexi panel, or if you purchased a new plexi control panel, place that atop the artwork.  
  7. Reinstall buttons and balltop.  
  8. Re-connect your wiring.
  9. Close your Fightstick panel top, or screw the bottom metal panel back into place.

Every custom design plexi you receive is either pre-polished, or in the case of pre-designed panels, contains a paper or plastic film to protect from scratches and dust.  In the case of the film, you can peel this off to reveal the plexiglass.  Each custom plexi order comes with a Brillianize Instant Detailer Pack For Plexiglass for free.  You can use it for a subsequent cleaning of your plexi.

If you have not replaced your plexi control panel before, review our sections regarding customization and care.



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