Custom Keychain Template

Available for free with any purchase of a custom FightStick Plexi over 1/16" is a custom design keychain. The keychain will use the same material as your fightstick plexi, so color and thickness will match. We thought this was a great way to re-use the plexi that is leftover from each etch and cut. 

If you are interested in designing your own custom etch and cut keychain, please download the template (zipped photoshop PSD) and include the completed PSD file with your order.

Custom Keychain Template (500K .zip)  

If you have any questions about submitting an etch and cut design, this article - "Tips on Submitting Control Panel Etch Artwork", may help.

Note that this applies to custom Etch and Cut services for plexi thicknesses above 1/16".  If a thinner plexi is selected, or the service only offers the 1/40" plexi, your custom keychain will print on available 1/16" plexi.

Below is an example keychain specifically for informational purposes:

Custom Keychain Sample


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