Artwork Extras to Help with Your Design

Below are a few elements that you might find useful when personalizing Fightstick artwork.  Elements are saved in a variety of formats, such as Adobe Acrobat PDF (vector), Photoshop (layered raster).  This section will be updated over time as additional elements are found or created.  If you have some of your own, you can add a link to it in the comments section (please note that comments are monitored for spam/abuse).

Console labels for PS3/PS4, Xbox 360/Xbox One, and Hybrid

If you are looking to add console button labels to your artwork, you can download these (PDF format):

PS3/PS4 console label Hybrid console label Xbox 360/Xbox One console label
Sony PS3/PS4 Hybrid (PS3/PS4,Xbox 360/Xbox One) Xbox 360/XBONE

Punch & Kick Icons

You can download these vector icons to create a pattern, use in button artwork, or other designs (PDF format):

Punck/Kick Icon 
Punch/Kick Icon (Download PDF)

Move Direction Icons

Add these editable icons to your artwork.  You can separate them, rotate 45 degrees to represent different directions, and more.  They are resolution independent PDF format, easily editable in vector programs such as Adobe Illustrator, and importable to Adobe Photoshop and similar graphic apps.

Arrow direction icon 
Arrow Direction Icon (Download PDF)

Street Fighter 6 Fonts and Assets




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Google Drive

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