Will you create a template for the Razer Kitsune?


Since the release of the Kitsune, Razer's latest foray into Fighting gamer peripherals, some have asked when we will release artwork services for it.  There are a few reasons why we have not yet offered services, and why services from us may not readily arrive in the near future unless we offer printing on vinyl.

Vinyl Sticker

Razer's implementation of the Kitsune requires that a vinyl sticker is used to customize it.  Our current approach to printing is to paper, which is then laser cut to shape. There are a few challenges to offering a vinyl print:

  • Vinyl requires precise positioning during installation - if the customer gets the install position wrong, it is difficult to reposition without creasing or damaging the artwork.
  • Vinyl can wrinkle or crease - Because vinyl is a very thin material, it is prone to creasing and wrinkling during application.
  • You cannot re-use vinyl - Once applied, removing vinyl requires a heat gun to remove the adhesive.  Further, that artwork cannot be re-used, or easily swapped out for another print.  

Liabilities of Printing Vinyl for Customer Install

We're hesitant to release custom artwork for the Razer Kitsune because of the liabilities printing to vinyl creates for us. If a customer has trouble installing the artwork, they are likely to request a replacement from us, shipped for free. 

A paper print does not have the liabilities. A customer can apply, swap and reposition paper artwork without issue.

This doesn't mean vinyl installation is impossible.  We're aware of various companies offering vinyl prints and cuts.  

Will FA Offer a Vinyl Print for Razer Kitsune, Then?

Many hitbox and flatbox models have implemented a clear top to place artwork underneath.  It seemed like a logical choice for Razer, who was clearly inspired by the likes of JunkFood Arcade's Snackbox Micro and countless clones on the market since the Micro's debut. However, they instead chose to customize with a vinyl sticker. 

Because of Razer's design choice for personalizing the Razer Kitsune, we're exploring options that put less risk of customer install problems. We do not have an ETA for what solutions we will create, but will announce publicly when ready.

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