Can you modify my plexi or artwork for 35mm Korean Joystick Levers?

We have decided not to support any further plexi cut requests for user modified metal panels following incidents that caused misalignment issues. We cannot confirm whether the user-modified cuts are properly aligned. Thus, we will not do them, nor make any exceptions for customers who ask.  

Alternatives to requesting a collar cut

Really, we highly discourage you from making these requests, or modifying your Fightstick in this manner. The risks to getting the drilled hole wrong are substantial and cannot be undone. Further, alternative Korean levers are designed to accommodate Fightsticks with Japanese S-Plate mounts.

If you are looking to use with a Korean lever with collar properties that can fit within Japanese lever mounts, we highly recommend the Crown CWL-309MJ-KMS-ST35 Joystick, which offers a low-profile collar that fits under the S-style mounting plate.

Other Fightstick panels are designed for 35mm collars. Of those officially supported panels, we will do 35mm cuts. Those options are listed on the product listing.  

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